Monday, March 24, 2008

Its Snowing!

Yes I'm talking about the weather but I'm british, so I'm allowed and anyhow this blog is really for Greg, who has spent many a recent day trying to clear snowdrifts in near whiteout conditions, over in the United States.

Here in merry old England the weather is much milder. Witness here the snow, this is the second day of it and not a single flake has settled yet - but I bet somewhere a TV presenter is pushing all the flakes together to create a suitable backdrop to his/her report on "the terrible weather we are having and the predicted traffic problems".

I'm so glad that the snow isn't hanging about, as I would hate to slip and slide on ice or slush whilst carrying our new born son.
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Friday, March 21, 2008

Such a proud Father

I'm so proud, our four week old son has just done his first set of push-ups whilst trying to crawl. I've put a video of it on myspace and it has to be watched to be appreciated, I saw push and up he goes. I love our son so much!

Tomorrow karate lessons and training for the Olympics ;-)
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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Spot the baby

This is Adam in the Out'n'about Nipper 360 (the most macho 3 wheeler pram a man can get). Just in case there was any doubt, we've gone for the British DPM cammo baby snuggle. If you look carefully you can just about spot our baby.

The first trip out in the pram started, consisted of, and ended in, tears. I'm not sure if its the pram, the cammo or the off-road route, but he wasn't happy. As you can see from the red face here, he wasn't happy about being in the pram just for a moment today either.

Mum is now housebound, until about form of baby transport can be arranged.
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I'm not fat I'm big boned

The 1st of March 2008 and proud mum & dad are very pleased to announce, having just had a visit from the midwife with her scales, that our bouncing baby boy is doing very well and has gained 9 ounces in just five days - well on target to become a chubba like his dad.

Having breast fed and knowing that modern weight gain guidelines are actually based on powered milk results (which aren't so good for health, but do put the pounds on), mum is very pleased to find that Breast is actually best.

Let's hope that this elated feeling lasts, at least long enough to mask the future back aches we'll get from carrying around our little chubba.
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