Friday, February 29, 2008

Don't believe the hype

It is a great track from Public Enemy, and also good advice, especially when it comes to the media coverage about the QE2 Bridge, which spans over the Thames in Dartford. You see when the QE2 bridge was first built, the local public were told that a toll fee for crossing it would be payable, this funding would be used to maintain the bridge and once the bridge had been paid for, future crossings would be free. So we all waiting and counted down the days, I like so many other people spent £500 a year on toll fees getting to and from work and the shops, but we were happy knowing that one day we'd enjoy the free bridge.

In 2003 it actually happened, well the paying off of the debt bit that is. The toll fees stayed, in fact the costs of such have gone up a few times since it began. So why isn't it free to use a bridge we already paid for? You'll have to ask the Government, who chose to continue getting cash from drivers or at least pay Le Crossing to do so on the Department of transport's behalf. But fear not, there is now a new idea to make the QE2 Bridge more environmentally friendly, a plan so simple an idiot could have come up with it and probably did. Ready, brace yourself they are going to...
Charge drivers £1.50 instead of £1.

But wait there is even better news if you are a moron, local residents will only be charged 40p per journey (20p each way), the catch is that they need to buy 50 journeys worth of credit at the start of each year (earning Le Crossing extra interest on £10 per resident). So the number of local people travelling across the bridge will go up and because of all this added congestion, we all sit in a longer queue pumping out fumes into Dartford & Thurrock and eating up more costly fuel, which adds to the income from fuel tax.

Hmmm perhaps they aren't so silly after all! If anyone with a bit of power and integrity is reading this, here's a better idea...
Make the crossing free to all and build a bridge that bicycles and walkers could use.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dr Who Equipment is biological

Today I discovered a T.A.R.D.I.S in the form of our little baby boy. Although small and cute outside, inside must be massive in order to house the amount of wind he releases after every feed. Thankfully there is a cure for all this trapped wind called 'Daddy Bounces'. Daddy Bounces consists of gentle movements up and down whilst our son rest on my knee or arm, with all this happening whilst baby is in a perfectly vertical position. I've therefore come to the conclusion that the perfect gift for new parents is either a pogo-stick or trampoline. Oh, that and blankets.

When we first started equipping the nursery we both went out and bought rather a lot of blankets each as well as other baby essentials and when we put our baby items together we thought it foolish of us to have bought so many of the same items. However, with baby excretions now coming out of every orifice at a phenomenal rate, we find ourselves wishing we had more - the majority of blankets are in the wash, in the dryer or being removed so that they may be washed & dried.

Oh, don't forget to obtain and use vest and socks for baby, worn under his or her sleepsuit. These really are another must have item, it makes changing nappies/diapers so much easier. When you have to undress your little bundle of joy it stops them from getting cold and screaming the house down as a result. It also means that when you do have to remove outer clothing, which is wet (for one of five possible reasons), baby doesn't mind as much.

As you see from the photo, I'm now just waiting until our little boy can challenge me on a console game - I just hope that I can lose gracefully!
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On Tuesday the 19th of February 2008, a little bundle of joy was brought into the world by my wife. Weighing a healthy 8 pounds and 13 ounces, Adam, was actually a ceasarean birth, having failed to make an appearance after many hours of labour at home in the birthing pool. Mum & Baby are now resting in hospital after their huge ordeal and both will be home on Friday.
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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mr & Mrs Pease

On Saturday the 16th of February 2008, Michelle Bilby & Rob Pease were married at Ashwells in Brentwood. For me the best part was gaining a little brother (in-law) who I can torment - just kidding. The whole event went really well, Michelle looked stunning and as with everything she turns her hand to, the whole day ran like clockwork. I won't bore you with family talk, suffice to say the venue was lovely and staff extremely helpful. We arrived home and at 4am Odette went into labour!

Photo's from the day taken by myself can be found at...

Professional photo's and those taken by other guests will probably appear on Rob's page.
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